This website is about the Belgian Hydrangea Society (aka ‘Hydrangeum’), about the plant genus Hydrangea and about the use of hydrangeas as ornamentals. The menu bar above provides access to the following information:


The Belgian Hydrangea Society is a nonprofit association. Its aims are to provide information about the genus Hydrangea, to support horticultural and botanical research and to promote hydrangeas in general. We organised the 1st International Hydrangea Conference in Ghent, Belgium in 2007.

We manage a large hydrangea collection consisting mainly of plants with horticultural significance. To facilitate its management, we split up the collection over several sites one of which is a demonstration garden that is accessible to the public (on request).

Kijktuin (Demonstration garden)

The 1 000 m2 demonstration garden in the Spoorwegstraat 25a, Destelbergen, Belgium contains about 220 different specimens. It serves as a satellite garden to the Ghent University Botanical Garden.

If you wish to visit please call +32-498-271192 or send an email to Dit E-mail adres wordt beschermd tegen spambots. U moet JavaScript geactiveerd hebben om het te kunnen zien..

Hydrangea’s (It’s all about...)

This section of the website contains an annotated overview of Elizabeth McClintock’s traditional classification of the genus Hydrangea. The link to Soorten (Species) provides access to descriptions of the 12 most common hydrangea species, from H. anomala to H. sikokiana.

Groene vingers (Green thumbs)

Nurturing hydrangeas works best when you know some tricks of the trade. In these pages we have summarised our experience on a wide range of topics such as planting, watering, pruning, fertilising and bluing. We also discuss ways of protecting our favourite plants against winter cold. The page on Ziekten en plagen (Pests and diseases) lists all the problems we’ve had to deal with during 15 years of maintaining our collection. Last but not least, green thumbs also come in handy for drying hydrangeas, which explains the page dedicated to flower arranging.

Tips & weetjes (Miscellaneous)

Here we have assembled various bits and pieces that provide a different perspective on hydrangeas: bonsai hydrangeas, hydrangeas with variegated leaves, and even an explanation why someone would steal hydrangeas from your garden. The page ‘gent : bloemenregio’ gives an update on our quest for old Belgian selections of Hydrangea macrophylla. Check the dropdown list, help wanted! There’s also interesting stories on hydrangea tea and on the Ice Saints.


Useful links to collections and gardens and to specialised hydrangea nurseries. And a list of good bedside reading.

Prikbord (Calendar)

Given that each event comes with a link to the organiser’s website, this list shouldn’t be too hard to decipher!


The co-ordinates of our secretariat and the demonstration garden.

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